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Packaging: 125 ml

Universal nutritional oil with bergamot and peony extract can be used not only for hair, but also for the body. Intensively nourishes the hair and moisturizes the skin.

CORE of the product:

PEONY EXTRACT: works effectively to restore damaged and tired hair. Helps to lock down moisture and restore the structure of the hair. The result is the hair that is shiny and under control.

BERGAMOT: moisturizes dry and split ​​tips, strengthens the roots of the hair and normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands. It eliminates greasy shine, softens the hair without weighing it down and protects against UV rays.

Directs of use

HAIR TREATMENT: Apply the product over its entire length of dry unwashed hair (from 5 minutes to 10 hours). Wash off with warm water. SPLIT END REMEDY: apply a small amount to the end of your dry clean hair. Do not wash off.

BODY OIL: apply to your entire body or use just on dry areas of the skin. Let the product absorb before putting on clothes.

Active components: 

Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Peony flowers extract, Bergamot extract.

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